friYAY :D

welp,, im at school again and im in a happy mood since its friday! i drew cat whiskers on my face xD and yeh thats it so far... Omg for some reason i was freaking out over going bald the other day lol idk y but i was. im listening to paramore and its one of my favorites bands/artists besides avril (whos my queen obviously). anyways ttyl byeeeee 

— roxxy

me again :P

omg im backkkk. but no one even reads this blog so its like im talking to myself :(((( oh well... anyways i usually get so anxious about questions we cant answer, like what happens when we die? is there an afterlife? is there any purpose to life or do we just give it purpose? (well im pretty sure we are only ones that give it purpose, making life default meaningless?? i honestly dont even know). lol idk abt my point of this post, just daily roxxy thoughts ;)  

otherwise, my life is going A-OK . i mean its not the best but im surviving and taking each day at a time. it could be muuccchhhh worse. trust me, i know. i probably wont post for a while, so i guess im just updating for now. ugh why am i talking like anyone is even listening, i dont think anyone is even listening to this lmfao

 — roxxy <333